Remove “Likes” from your YouTube channel feed

I was posting new videos to my YouTube channel when I noticed that, by default, it also shows everyone which videos I have liked. I’ve seen several people complain about this, and I wasn’t thrilled about making that information public myself. But it took a bit of digging to find out where the off-button was located. These settings may change since they like to move things around rather frequently, but here is what I found.

When you are signed into YouTube, click on the down-arrow by your name (or click your name) to see the options for your account. Then click on “YouTube Settings”

Once you are in the YouTube Settings section, click on Privacy. Check the box for “Keep all my likes private”. I also checked “Keep all my subscriptions private”.

Click the Save button and the Likes tab will disappear from your channel feed.


3 thoughts on “Remove “Likes” from your YouTube channel feed

  1. THANK YOU! Yeah, just discovered they do this now. I hate it too, and pretty much the whole new layout. I really liked it before but I’m now on the verge of deleting the entire thing due to all this. But, for now, you’re method worked great! thanks

  2. Yeah, thanks. Good to switch off the link to your google+ too. Nothing to hide, but I don’t need every random people I may email for work, browsing thru every punk song I’ve ever liked.

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