New mounting location of media in Linux

In my last upgrade of Ubuntu Linux it seems that new drives are being mounted under /media/username instead of just /media. This was apparently a decision by those creating the Linux kernel rather than just an Ubuntu thing.

I think that the best way to prevent scripts from breaking under this is the create a symbolic link to the old location:
sudo ln -s /media/username/BIGDRIVE /media/BIGDRIVE

Not sure why they decided to do this. Rather annoying, but there it is.

And the Gnome developers removed disk free space from the status line of Nautilus. Why is it every time they make a change, they think it is a great idea, and I only want to beat them about the head and shoulders? How about stop removing useful stuff that real people use daily, and add stuff that might be useful? The also removed the ability to right-click and create a text file. That was uber useful for quickly pasting text. Stop being a cloistered community and start asking people about how they actually use your software. MS did the same malarky when they redesigned Office and made us click multiple times to get to something that used to be one click. Bah!


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