Windows Alternative IP Configuration

I set up a laptop with a static alternative IP configuration ( for when it is not connected to a network that has a DHCP server. But when I would boot the laptop, it would still assign it an APIPA IP address (169.254.*.*) . This caused some concern for a while. But I had a bit of patience…

I found that it did eventually use the static IP configuration, but only after it tried for about 1 minute 45 seconds (after login) to get a response from a DHCP server. Or I could just let the laptop sit on the wire for 3 minutes before logging in and this also resulted in it choosing the static alternative IP.

A computer that is set up for DHCP will send out a broadcast looking for a DHCP server to respond. Normally this will keep happening until it gets a response. The alternative IP configuration causes the computer to quit trying after a few times and then switch to the user specified configuration.


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