Searching For Just Numbers in Outlook Emails

I was searching in Outlook 2010 for an email that contained an IP address. I went to my inbox and clicked in the search field and typed in part of the address and clicked the magnifying glass to search. No results. WTF? I knew I had several emails that had the numbers present, but Outlook didn’t see them. I then did an Advanced Search and included the Body. Still no results. I did an online search about this problem and found others that were having the same issue. Apparently Outlook cannot find just numbers without following specific steps. Here they are:

1. Click in the search field.
2. Click Search Tools on the toolbar.
3. Click Advanced Find.
4. Specify in the dropdown, Frequently Used Text Fields

THEN Outlook will find the numbers.



4 thoughts on “Searching For Just Numbers in Outlook Emails

  1. This isn’t working for me. It just turns up all of my e-mails, most of which don’t contain the number I’m looking for. Any other ideas?

  2. I had the same problem as Emma: it can search up to the first dot (e.g., “192.”), but as soon as anything is typed after the first dot (“192.168” or even “192.1”) there are no results. Using single or double quotes doesn’t help, either.

    WORKAROUND: treat each octet as a separate word, so the search string is, e.g., “192 AND 168 AND 0 AND 1”. You don’t have to choose “frequently-used text fields”, either. One drawback is that if you have the same 4 octets in a different order, e.g., “”, they would show up in the results.

  3. I had success using ? as a placeholder for the dot (.). The IP in the example above would be searched using “141?185” (without the quotes).

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