4K displays and HDMI 2.0

Just for grins I’ve been looking at the very new 4K displays and TVs. Video cards are still catching up to this new display ratio and resolution. DVI currently has the maximum display ability of 2560×1600 but no audio throughput.

The standard for computers for several years has been 1024×768, and in the past few years that was superceded by HDMI (1920×1080), a wider ratio and higher definition. Now the push is on for 4K, named such because of its 4096×2160 dimensions. This is slightly wider than the HDMI dimensions, and MUCH higher definition. Current HDMI cables are fully capable of delivering the new HDMI 2.0 signal, so no need for new cables.

Some computer monitors and many TVs will have the “HDMI 1.4” display ratio of 3840×2160, but will be labeled UHD. This is a higher resolution than HDMI, but preserves the dimensions of the current HDMI format (16:9). But the spec is for 256 pixels wider. I can envision some disgruntled people wanting the full spec, especially if movies are shot in the full spec and get clipped on the sides by the new UHD TVs. I’m going to wait for the dust to settle before investing, but the new huge UHD screens are beckoning.

Here’s a picture of the various dimensions compared with the 4K and the very wide theatrical 21:9 ratio, which the 4K displays will also support.

HDMI 2.0 has more to it than just higher resolution and a different display ratio.
Here’s links to more info on the specs:

WD TV Live Not Playing MP4 Files

The latest firmware (2.02.32) for the WD TV Live broke the ability to play MP4 files. The forum users suggest either loading the older firmware (2.01.86) or removing the metadata from your MP4 files. The latter option is very quick with FFMPEG.

ffmpeg -i dance.mp4 -map_metadata -1 -map_chapters -1 -c:v copy -c:a copy dance2.mp4

Here is a link to the forum:

A link to the older firmware