WD TV Live Not Playing MP4 Files

The latest firmware (2.02.32) for the WD TV Live broke the ability to play MP4 files. The forum users suggest either loading the older firmware (2.01.86) or removing the metadata from your MP4 files. The latter option is very quick with FFMPEG.

ffmpeg -i dance.mp4 -map_metadata -1 -map_chapters -1 -c:v copy -c:a copy dance2.mp4

Here is a link to the forum:

A link to the older firmware


5 thoughts on “WD TV Live Not Playing MP4 Files

  1. I have a question for you… I just bought the wd tv media player as I was told that this will play all my videos in my wd my cloud on my tv…. well it doesn’t. I am only able to play about 25% of the mp4 videos. I called WD support and because this is a newer product there is no earlier firmware to revert back to.
    So I am thinking about taking the newer product back to the store and buying the older version, wd tv live streaming on amazon. Would that solve this problem??

    • I don’t know what the other version is able to do. If you read the whole thread that I linked, you might be able to do a work-around (either download the older firmware, or remove the meta-data from your MP4 files). WD isn’t likely to post an update soon, despite all the complaints.

  2. Awesome – thanks for the info. ffmpeg worked great and converts pretty fast. Tried it on movies that did not work and now they work. Great tip.

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