Removing other language dictionaries from Firefox (Linux)

I’ve been fighting with Firefox which insists that I’m in Great Britain every time I open it. It continually would tell me I should spell it colour instead of color, and so on.

I finally worded my search correctly on Google and found this tidbit and was able to remove the three dictionaries Firefox had included that were not needed.

In Linux you will find dictionaries in /usr/lib/firefox/dictionaries. You will need root privilegies to delete them.

sudo rm en_GB*
sudo rm en_ZA*
sudo rm en_AU*

This left only the US version.

Restart Firefox and they are gone! Yea!

Simple video from picture

Occasionally I like to post a short audio recording on Facebook. But Facebook only allows videos or pictures. No problem, I take a picture and make it into a video and have the recording as the audio.

Here are three easy steps in FFMPEG to create such a video

1. Pic dimensions have to be even numbered of pixels on width and height. That is, if your picture is 603×258, you’ll have to resize it to 604×258 to make both numbers even.

2. Open your audio file and make note of how long it lasts, for example 2:25.

3. Create a video of the picture
ffmpeg -loop 1 -i JW.png (or jpg) -t 00:02:25 vid.mp4
(-t should match the length of the audio or maybe slightly longer.)

4. Merge the two inputs to make the final video
ffmpeg -i vid.mp4 -i song.mp3 -c:v copy -c:a libfaac mix.mp4

The final product can be uploaded to Facebook or YouTube. The original quality of the picture is kept for the video.