Fixing faint printing on new printer (Epson WF-3640) on Linux

We bought a new printer, an Epson SF-3640 from Costco, and set it up for wireless on our home network. The problem we had is that it would print in a very faint draft mode from Linux, and I didn’t see any mode setting in the printer settings that would change this (typically “draft, normal, high quality” or something similar).

A bit of forum snooping yielded the answer I needed: Set the paper type to
“plain papers-High”

In Ubuntu 64-bit with Gnome desktop:
System Tools, System Settings, Printers, Epson, Printer Options, Media Type, plain papers-High

Found this on,14443,14443


Superfish malware preinstalled on Lenovo computers

I just read that the computer company Lenovo has been purposefully installing malware on their computers. It is called “SuperFish” and They don’t view it as malware, but as a “customer experience enhancer”. I’ve seen these computers popping up in local government, and that raises the concern that sensitive information could be intercepted, especially since Lenovo is produced in communist China.

Here is a link to more info and how to remove this malware:

The Hacker News has up-to-date info on lots of security risks you may not hear about elsewhere.