Amazon MP3s and Linux

Amazon is a great place to purchase MP3 files, but they make Linux users insane with requirements. You can’t just download an MP3, that would be too easy. You have to have the Amazon MP3 player, but there’s no Linux version. So instead they direct us to the Amazon Cloud Player… which required Flash player, also not available in Linux.


I found that I can download the AMZ file directly, then use the Linux program Clamz to do the download and convert. I got Clamz by double-clicking the AMZ file, and had Ubuntu search for a program that could open it. Clamz puts the MP3 by default into the Music folder in a subfolder that goes with the artist who recorded the MP3.

FFMPEG compilation from hell – Solution: Use static instead of shared libaries

When I first started compiling FFMPEG I kept getting errors about needing to recompile with fPIC. That led to days of searching on how to fix the issue, and a hundred recompiles trying to get this or that dependency compiled correctly, and then it still wouldn’t work correctly.

I noted that the Ubuntu guide to installing FFMPEG always said to “disable shared” and “enable static”, and it finally sunk in that I should have been doing it this way from the beginning. I followed the guide and it worked as expected.