Form colors in Firefox 46

When I updated Firefox to 46, I noticed that something odd happened. The browser now had an odd brown/gray color and some forms (like on Yahoo news) had white text on a white background. I had recently used an addon called Stylish that allows the colors for certain websites to be changed, which I had done for the bright white of Google, changing it to a darker theme. But after the upgrade, Firefox continually had a dark upper menu area and the forms on Yahoo had white text. I even removed the Stylish addon, but the changes remained.

The most pressing part was the form text color. It made them basically unusable. One person suggested using a CSS file, and I tried that and it worked once and then not. No idea why it stopped. But Firefox has its own way to set form text colors, and that always works.

In the about:config page, I typed in browser.display to see the various options. These are the ones I set:

browser.display.focus_background_color;#FFFFFF (sets form background to white)
browser.display.focus_text_color;#000000 (sets the text color to black)
browser.display.use_focus_colors;true (tells Firefox to use the colors I specify)

The effect is immediate.

I gotta go, someone is wrong on the Internet… 🙂

Update: As of FF 47, all the coloring returned to normal.