IP Cameras – trouble with plugins for viewing

I install rather a lot of IP cameras for security. I’ve been seeing a recurring issue with manufacturers using plugins in order to view the camera feed. For example, when viewing a Samsung (now Hanwha) camera via its IP address, it first pops up a screen with a link to install a plugin. Once this installs, the browser is supposed to close and reopen and be able to view the camera. Sometimes that works, like on my laptop. But other times, it keeps going back to the plugin install page. On those computers, I’ve never been able to get the browser to view the camera. I can view an RTSP stream, just not the built-in program for configuring the camera. No idea what the difference is between the two systems. If Samsung would drop the plugin and go with HTML5, then the program would be compatible with any browser.

Vicon uses built-in Java for viewing and configuring their cameras. But the version of Java on the camera is older day by day, and so Windows quickly does not trust it and each camera has to be entered into the Java exception screen in Control Panel. Java then wants to reset this list for safety reasons. Ridiculous waste of time just to be able to configure the camera.

Netgear switches (GS110TP) that I use to hook the laptop to the IP cameras also use a Java plugin to view the switch layout. Clicking the link doesn’t install the plugin, it just redirects to the Sun Java homepage, which is useless. Besides 64-bit Firefox cannot install such a plugin. Browsers are moving away from such approaches and going with HTML5. Thus there is a part of the switch I have that I cannot access due to the manufacturer deciding to use a plugin instead of a standard web page or HTML5. I can’t get my laptop to install the plugin because I have 64-bit and Firefox. I can still do most functions on the switch menu, but am blocked from other sections.
I’ve read on Netgear forums that this problem is marked “solved”, but all they said was “please open a trouble ticket” and then closed the thread. Yo Netgear, that isn’t solving the problem! So what if you “are aware” of the issue. You’ve “been aware” for YEARS now. Hire some programmers and dump plugin entirely.