Firefox 54 Where’s my checkboxes?

I am on Firefox 54 on Ubuntu and just noticed that any implementation of the HTML checkbox shows up as a tiny dot instead of a checkbox. Chromium browser is normal.

I first noticed when I went to check my settings in FBP (Facebook Purity add-in for Firefox). But I confirmed it on an HTML test site:

Firefox looks like this:


Chromium looks like this:


I tried searching for a solution, but only got a zillion unrelated results.


2 thoughts on “Firefox 54 Where’s my checkboxes?

  1. I have the exact same issue. Any luck so far?

    I know that GTK themes affect checkboxes and text entry boxes, I wonder if they made a change to the default theme that caused the issue. I may try changing the theme temporarily for firefox. (There are ways to test it, search google for “dark gtk theme firefox”)

    • I have not yet found a solution. I tried a variety of themes after looking into other forums from past years that talked about checkboxes missing, but none of the themes changed the checkbox.

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