Viewing angle of monitor affects color perception

On a flat screen computer monitor, color perception changes with the angle of view, even slight angles. Something pink can appear red or even blue from some angles.

I have a reclining office chair at my computer, and skin colors were appearing a bit green, which led me to think I needed to apply a color filter to the video I had shot. But when I reclined a bit to view straight-on, everything looked fine. (Some depends on the quality of the monitor also). This is why it’s also important to calibrate the monitor, if you are in the business of photos or video.

I had calibrated about six months ago with a Spyder5 device, and the free DisplayCAL software for Linux (took an hour or so to calibrate). The software also will automatically load the changes it makes at boot time, and I see this happen just after the wallpaper becomes visible after log-in.

Typically, the screen top should be just below eye level in the position where you normally work. My monitor is a bit cheap, so even that angle gives a slight green to skin color. I have to view directly on at the middle to see things in the correct color. I’ll upgrade when I build a new computer in the next year.