Melted Doorbell

I honestly didn’t know that doorbells could melt. I had installed one at a worksite only to find out a few days later that it wasn’t working. I had wired it to a magnetic switch so that it would ring when someone opened the door, to notify the worker inside that someone else was there. Problem was that the power stayed on all the time the door was open, rather than sending a short burst of power. Sometimes the door was propped open for deliveries. Oops.

I ended up buying a timer circuit for it that powers-up, counts to 3, closes a power relay for about 1/3 second and then opens it again. The reason for the first delay is so that annoying people can’t stand at the door opening it and closing it to make the bell ring repeatedly. Yes, they do that sort of thing. Each one thinks it’s funny. The guy inside, not so much.

A picture of the melted mechanism shows the cheap plastic core for the right solenoid coils melted and froze the sliding pin in place.
melted doorbell

A picture of the programmable timer I used. I got this Uctronics gizmo off Amazon for about $12. It can be programmed for all kinds of functions. I already had a 12vdc source at the location, so this was a perfect match.


I have a home doorbell that currently only goes Ding, but no Dong. This may have happened to this one when a tweaker showed up early one morning and was mashing the doorbell button. I heard an odd DIINGggg…. and found him out there in a drug crazed state doing odd things. The police and ambulance came to take him away. But now my doorbell only goes Ding. He may have melted the other part by holding down the button. I haven’t bothered to look at it yet.

Toyota Rav4 beeping…

I think the engineers for the Toyota RAV4 thought “Let’s design a car with an interior from 1980. And let’s make sure that it beeps A LOT”.

I pull up to a stop sign BEEP BEEP WATCH OUT!!! THERE’S SOMETHING NEAR YOUR CAR!!! DON’T HIT IT!! It is actually detecting the stop sign on the driver’s side as something too close to the car. It won’t stop beeping until I’m able to move onward.

If I park the nose of the car near our fence, the next morning the car will beep at me *as I am reversing* to leave the driveway BEEP BEEP DON’T HIT THE THING IN FRONT OF YOU AS YOU ARE REVERSING!!! BEEEEP BEEEEP

If I pull up to my garage and don’t turn the car off in the correct order by first pressing the brake, putting it in park, and then turning it off, it will still turn off the engine but then BEEP BEEP BEEP YOU HAVE TO PUT IT IN PARK FIRST BEEP BEEP YOU DIDN’T PRESS THE BRAKE FIRST WHILE YOU PUT IT IN PARK BEEP BEEP HEY IDIOT TURN THE CAR OFF BEEP BEEP NO YOU CAN’T LOCK THE DOOR WHILE I’M BEEPING AT YOU NEEENER NEEENER BEEP BEEP YOU OPENED THE DOOR BEFORE THE ENGINE WAS ALL THE WAY OFF BEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEEP.

Mind you, I turned off the beeping that happens if you start to cross over a line, real or imagined by the vehicle.

Just last night I discovered a new beep. I bought an 8ft plank of lumber and was taking it home. The end of it was resting on the passenger seat near the headrest. As I began driving, BEEP BEEP BEEP! What now?! THE BOARD ISN’T WEARING A SEATBELT! IT COULD DIE!!! BEEP BEEP and then it became more insistent BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP so while I’m driving I have to reach over and grab the other seat belt and latch it to stop the infernal beeping.

It has AWD. That is the only real reason we got it. I had a nice Kia Soul and it did mostly what I wanted, except for the awful UVO audio that squelches the beginnings of each spoken word (navigation, audio books, phone calls) so that you won’t hear a hiss when there is silence. That feature renders a lot of speech unintelligible. Maybe they’ve corrected that since 2013. I’m not holding my breath.