Opinion: Kia Soul 2020 GT Turbo vs EX

I’m a former Kia Soul owner (2013), but have been driving a Toyota RAV4 for the past year or two. It’s an absolute TANK compared to the lighter Soul or the Optima. I’m starting to look at the latest Kia Soul models, and was initially leaning towards their turbo. But then I really started looking at it. Maybe it’s my age, but the interior is kind of …ghastly.

Red and Black looked cool back in the 80s, maybe. Today it looks tacky. Then again, some younger reviewers think it is cool, so maybe styles cycle through.

The turbo also includes these ugly badges on the outside. We don’t need no stinkin’ badges! Again, a style design that is gross.

Lastly, on their top-of-the-line model, they only offer it in 5 basic blah colors. Kia, what the hell? Your other lines have some variety, like the X-line with Mars Orange and Cherry Black.

So, I started looking at the next in line, the EX model. This comes with all the upgraded tech, and the safety tech of the turbo, but the inside is a nice black and silver, and the color mix of gravity grey and gold works for the most part. In order to get the “designer package” of better looking wheels, performance tires, and all LED headlights, you also have to get the mixed colors. I suppose I can always get a vinyl wrap put on the car if I really don’t like the colors.
The EX is also about $4K cheaper than the turbo, and the turbo engine isn’t that great according to reviews I’ve read.

I may end up waiting another year, but my last Soul was their very basic version so I’m sure the EX would be a lot nicer than I had.

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